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Bail: $3000.00

AKA – “The Undertaker”

Crime: Burying the corporate competition

Tom Dobies aka “The Undertaker” has had a long and proud history of personalized service and a deep commitment to upholding professional standards. Thomas B. Dobies Funeral Homes are committed to giving the most professional and compassionate funeral service available.

Tom has seen many changes in the funeral industry since he became a funeral director. The most significant of these changes has been the shift from private ownership to corporate ownership. Corporate funeral homes retain former owners to give the community an impression that they are still locally owned. This perception is false and untruthful. They are taking personalized service out of the funeral business and are constantly increasing their costs.

Thomas B. Dobies Funeral Homes are all locally owned by Thomas B. Dobies. Tom was born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL and has been serving the community as a funeral director embalmer since 1975. He opened his first funeral home in Holiday, FL in 1979, and later built his home behind it. Fifteen years later, he purchased a beautiful piece of property on the corner of Indiana Avenue and Congress Street in New Port Richey, FL, where he opened his second funeral home in 1995. Soon after, he found property in his native Tarpon Springs, and opened his third funeral home there in 1996. Realizing the need to have his own crematory, he built a funeral home and crematory in Hudson, FL in 1998. In 2007, Tom saw another dream realized and opened his fifth location on Old CR 54 in the Seven Springs community. His future plans include another one on County Line Road on the Hernando-Pasco border.

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