Meet Gabriel!

Meet 13-year-old Gabriel. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Schizencephaly. He is unable to walk without assistive devices. Gabriel uses a gait trainer and wheelchair for mobility. He has endured more challenges, but this brave boy is blessed despite his difficult illnesses.


Gabriel has an amazing family. He was placed in a foster home shortly after his birth. He was adopted two years later. His loving family provides Gabriel with all of the love and care to improve his quality of life. They read to him his favorite book Pete the Cat. They take trips to the beach or to SeaWorld where Gabriel can see his favorite animal, whales. The family take him swimming, too—he loves the feeling of being weightless and pain free. Gabriel likes other activities, but in all times, he is happy and smiling. Gabriel is proof that biological or not, family begins and ends with the heart.


Gabriel needs an adaptive car seat with a swivel base that will make it easier and safer for him to be transferred in and out of the vehicle. Please be his sponsor!