Meet Gabriel!



Meet 11-year-old Gabriel. He was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He can only walk on his tip toes and for short distances. He also uses a wheelchair. He has endured multiple biopsies and other difficult procedures. Gabriel is happy despite his limitations.


Gabriel has a few interests that distract from his struggles. His favorite movie is the fun Lego Ninjago. He is a fan of building with brick toys and always loves visiting the Lego theme park. Gabriel is a driven school student who shows his creative side during art class. This young boy is best known for his personality. He is always goofing around and making people laugh. He is quite stubborn and fights to get his way. This trait exemplifies Gabriel’s strength. He encourages us to push through all obstacles and find joy when it might be the hardest.


Gabriel needed a ramp to safely exit and enter his home. Currently, he cannot leave while using his wheelchair. Thanks to a grant through The Innovative Worthy Project, we were able to help Gabriel get the Ramp he needed!