Meet Gavin!



Meet 10-year-old Gavin. This sweet boy was born prematurely at 24 weeks. He was on a ventilator and improved after music therapy. He has many diagnoses, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He cannot walk or stand without assistance. He needs help with everyday living skills. He is nonverbal, too. Gavin, despite his trials, is an amazing child.  


Gavin has several interests. He is fascinated by anything about space, whether books, shows, or museums. He attends school and his favorite subject is science, of course!  Gavin is not a sports fan, but he imitates his dad’s excitement whenever the Miami Hurricanes score. Gavin is an adventurer who likes to explore the outdoors and indoors. If there is a nook or cranny in the house, he is sure to crawl inside it!  He is always on the move and his curious mind is nonstop. Gavin, although nonverbal, can communicate sarcasm by making a face that can get people laughing. Gavin’s mom and dad describe their son as the best gift ever. Gavin loves space. Maybe this is because he is the brightest star at the center of our universe!


Gavin needed a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength and overall mobility. He can also explore his surrounding with the trike. Thanks to a grant through Community Foundation of Brevard and another Grant through Bristol Hansen, we were able to help Gavin obtain the trike that he needed!