Meet Grayson!


Meet 10-year-old Grayson. He was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including cerebral palsy. Grayson has limited mobility due to muscle weakness and underdeveloped fine motor skills. He uses a gait trainer to walk short distances. Grayson is cheerful even with his limitations.


Grayson knows the meaning of fun! He watches shows featuring animals or trains. He listens to pop and country music and has always enjoyed the songs by the timeless and iconic Elvis Presley. Grayson mostly enjoys the outdoors. He likes going to the beach, swimming, and bike riding. He also participates in equine therapy. Grayson is also a member of the Miracle League, adaptive baseball for children with disabilities. If this is not exciting enough, he is a thrill seeker who loves rollercoasters. Most of all, Grayson is a great kid. He is very passionate about his life and family. He is loving and has a magical way of stealing everyone’s heart and making others smile!


Grayson received a new manual wheelchair for easier transportation. He currently has a heavy powerchair that is too big for his vehicle and hard to transport to school. Special thanks to his sponsors Lyndsay McCaslin and New Jersey Amramp for continuing to support our mission and helping kids like Grayson receive the equipment that they need!