Meet Hinda!


Meet six-year-old Hinda. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Hinda cannot walk or crawl and needs help with everyday tasks. She is an upbeat girl despite these and other limitations.


Hinda has a few, fun interests. She enjoys watching educational programs on the National Geographic Channel. She listens to classic or Disney music. She has a fun collection of singing toys that move. She loves equine therapy and also being held by somebody who is ice skating. Hinda simply likes movement. Hinda, most of all, is adorable. She smiles nearly all day long. Hinda craves attention and will do cutesy things to ensure she is the center of everyone’s focus. Hinda is the sunshine to our cloudy day and the brightest star in our galaxy!


Hinda received a therapy bicycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. She will have a great time riding the bike outdoors, too. Special thanks to her sponsor Ray Lopez for all his support!