Meet Hodaya!


Meet 10-year-old Hodaya. She sadly had complications after birth and needed immediate heart surgery. The procedure caused a stroke and months later Hodaya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has endured multiple surgeries on her hips and legs. She requires complete assistance to walk and uses a wheelchair for long distances. Hodaya remains a happy girl despite her mobility challenges.


Hodaya has numerous interests. She likes watching unboxing videos and challenges on YouTube. She listens to pop music or anything that gets her to dance. Hodaya sings whenever she is happy, and that is nearly all of the time!

 Hodaya is a huge Disney fan who loves the movie Frozen and seeing princesses at the Magic Kingdom theme park is one of her fondest memories!  Hodaya likes physical activities such as riding bikes and swimming. Hodaya, most of all, is a sweet girl. She gets very excited being around people. She has a magical way of brightening our day!


Hodaya received a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, coordination, and balance. She enjoys riding the trike outdoors with her friends and showing off at summer camp. Many thanks to her sponsor, Athletes Helping Athletes! Because of their support, Hodaya now has her very own Rifton therapy bike- and to make it even more special, it came in her favorite color- Pink!