Meet 12-year-old Hunter, who was diagnosed with spina bifida, which causes mobility limitations. He is becoming more confined to his wheelchair with each passing year, but his current chair was getting too small for this growing boy. Thankfully, Hunter is resilient and full of life.


Hunter’s perfect day might look this way. He would wake up in the morning greeted with sloppy kisses by his six pet dogs. He might begin the day playing the exciting game, Fort Nite. For lunch, he would have ranch-covered chicken nuggets at Chick Fil A. Hunter may spend an evening attending a high-energy event at an NHL  hockey game or WWE show. Hunter will go to bed, but without reading bedtime stories—the active boy is too thrilled thinking about what he can do next! In all times between, hunter is very social. He will only slow down to say hi to his friends, which is everybody.  His name is appropriate. Hunter has a magical way of capturing our hearts.

Hunter received a new Ti-Lite Aero Z manual chair thanks to the Sam J. Frankino foundation and Qualified Services. He is so happy to have a new chair that meets his needs and fits him properly. Hunter does not let his chair limit him. He is a positive and happy boy who lives life to the fullest, and his new chair will only help make those experiences for him more positive!