Meet Ikem!


Meet 13-year-old Ikem. This brave boy suffered from an Anoxic brain injury after a tragic choking incident. He lost oxygen for 30 minutes and ended up in a coma. He now has many challenges. He lost his eyesight and has balance issues. He needs help walking long distances due to low stamina. Ikem is very cheerful despite his tribulations.


Ikem has numerous interests. His favorite movie is Finding Nemo. He listens to a variety of music, including songs by Ariana Grande, but his favorite song to dance to is “Gangham Style”. Ikem also enjoys going bowling or riding his adaptive bike outdoors. Most importantly, Ikem is a great kid. He is always helping his family keeping their house organized. Ikem is loving towards everybody—for him, even strangers deserve a kind smile! He is naturally curious and likes knowing what is happening. Here is what is happening, ikem! You are a highlight of our lives!


Ikem needs a medical stroller to provide safer, easier, and more comfortable transportation during travel and maintaining doctor’s appointments. Please be his sponsor!