Meet Inaezha!



Meet 18-year-old Inaezha, who was born a healthy girl. Unfortunately, Inaezha suffered from appendicitis at the age of 16. The tragedy caused multiple cardiac arrests and a stroke. She is now unable to walk and requires a Hoyer lift for transfers. She has more tribulations but remains positive and upbeat.

Inaezha has several cool interests. Her favorite tv show is Grey’s Anatomy. She likes watching dramas and horror movies. She listens to modern pop music and her favorite artist is Justin Bieber. She attends school and is especially interested in history. Her hobbies include baking, hair and makeup. Inaezha, even though she is a homebody, is outgoing. She loves engaging people in conversations. Meet Inaezha. This young lady will charm your heart with just one glance!

Inaezha received a manual wheelchair with a power assist and tilt-in space feature. Her current chair was run-down and doesn’t provide the proper support. The new chair allows her to be a more independent teenager while also giving her better comfort. Special thanks to her amazing sponsors, Kristen Williams, the Batchelor Foundation, and the Macchia Family Foundation!