Meet Isabella!


Meet six-year-old Isabella. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She wears leg braces and can only walk in short distances due to low stamina. She has other challenges, but none of them prevent her from being happy.


Isabella enjoys numerous pastimes. She likes the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Her favorite movie  is Encanto and its popular soundtrack. Her favorite subject in school is reading, and she loves Disney books. Isabella prefers going to the beach during spectacular weather. She also likes dancing and riding her bike. Isabella is best known for her personality. She is strong and loves her life. She has a beautiful smile that never leaves her sweet face. Meet Isabella and discover the definition of inspiration.


Isabella received a therapy tricycle at Wheelchairs 4 Kids annual event, Wheely Good Time. The trike will help Isabella gain more leg strength and balance. We are grateful to Kelly Brown from No Naked Walls for sponsoring Isabella and making this possible for her! Isabella’s mom said she can’t express enough gratitude to Kelly and our organization!