Meet Ivan!



Meet 18-year-old Ivan. He was born a healthy boy. Sadly, Ivan was in an accident after riding an ATV at the age of 12. He suffered from a traumatic brain injury. He spent several months in the hospital. He is now nonverbal and also has difficulty walking because of balance issues. Ivan, however, does not let this tragedy hold him back.


Ivan enjoys many pastimes. He enjoys singing to his favorite songs by Bruno Mars. He reads tons of books, especially about history. He is a fan of the Mexico soccer team and the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Ivan played baseball before his accident, and he is endeavoring to participate in the sport again. He loves being with his friends at school, too. Most of all, Ivan is very positive and charismatic. People are drawn to his upbeat nature. He has truly turned tragedy into triumph and accident into inspiration.


Ivan needs an adaptive bicycle to improve his leg balance and strength. This will help his ability to walk and be more independent. Please be his sponsor!