Meet Jake!



Meet 12-year-old Jake. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sadly, he is no longer able to walk and his condition continues to decline. Jake, despite his progressive illness, remains happy.

Jake has a variety of cool interests. He listens to rock music and his favorite group is Metallica. Jake likes playing with Legos, except he ignores the instructions and builds from his own imagination. His favorite outing is visiting Lego Land. Jake, however, really loves going freshwater fishing with his dad—the pastime gives him a sense of peace and relaxation. He is also a driven student who enjoys math class. Most of all, Jake is a great person. He is very loving and trusting. He is brave and having more than enough doctor’s visits and blood work does not even phase him. A wonderful family supports jake. Jake’s dad is especially touched and emotional by his son’s strength. This is Jake’s gift. He inspires his family and everybody he meets.

Jake received a stander from our equipment closet to help him walk and maintain leg strength. He needed a bath chair for easier and safer bathing. Thank you to all of those generous sponsors and donors for helping this young boy!