Meet Jameson!




Meet 17-year-old Jameson. He was diagnosed with a myriad of conditions, including cerebral palsy and developmental delay. He is nonverbal and unable to walk. Jameson is completely dependent on his family for everyday living skills.


Jameson has a very sweet family. He has a twin brother and they are cared for by their grandparents. The dedicated couple takes the boys to parks and any place that is fun. Jameson, while at home, enjoys watching Sesame Street. During all times, his grandparents are there to give him love. They are the source of his strength and happiness. Jameson’s grandma describes him best. “No matter where Jameson goes, he is a big ball of sunshine because he brightens everyone’s day. Even with everything he is unable to do, he hasn’t given up and that is a strength that everyone can learn from.”


Jameson needed a new stroller to provide appropriate support and comfort while also making travel safer. His previous stroller was too small and causes pain. Thanks to a Grant through The JEM Project, we were able to get Jameson the Medical Stroller that he needed!