Meet Javon!

Meet three-year-old Javon. He was born with brain damage due to a hyper thyroid. He was also diagnosed at birth with Allan- Herndon- Dudley Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes many challenges. He cannot walk or sit upright without support. Javon has more trials, but he remains happy.


Javon has several interests. He is a fan of the sweet show, Ms. Rachel’s Preschool. He likes perusing through books with textures. Javon prefers any activity that stimulates his senses, including toys with lights and sounds. He also loves swimming, swinging, and lightly bouncing on trampolines. Javon, most of all, is a sweet boy. He loves everybody and is always full of joy. He thrives on being social and at the center of attention. Meet Javon. He is the brightest and warmest center of our hearts.


Javon needs an activity chair to provide proper support and comfort while spending quality time with his family. Please be his sponsor!