Meet Jayden!


Meet nine-year-old Jayden. He suffered from a traumatic brain injury that caused cerebral palsy. He cannot walk or stand without support and needs help with everyday tasks. This brave boy remains cheerful despite a tough beginning.


Jayden has a few interests for a fun childhood. He listens to nursery rhymes and his preferred song is “Wheels on the Bus.” He has an annual pass to his favorite water park, Aquatica. He likes playing with toys that make music and other sounds. Jayden’s joint  pain is relieved when he feels the weightlessness of swimming and floating in a pool. He loves being around people, too. Jayden is best described as a joyful warrior. He has faced numerous battles and always emerges victorious. He is the resilient champion who inspires us all.


Jayden is receiving a Hoyer lift from the Alamo Kiwanis Club. The lift will make transfers easier and safer for Jayden and his family. We are eternally grateful to the Alamo Kiwanis Club for their support!