Meet Jordy!



Meet six-year-old Jordy. He was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. He is unable to walk or stand. He has low stamina and uses a manual wheelchair for short distances. He can also scoot around on the floor at home. Jordy has other limitations, but nothing prevents him from being happy.


Jordy finds ways to have fun. He likes animated movies such as Minions and Buzz Lightyear. He attends school, and his favorite period is recess. Jordy also loves playing in a treehouse that is perfectly built for hanging out with friends. Jordy has more interests, but he is defined most by a great personality.    He is strong and never gets upset about anything. Jordy loves everybody from the bottom of his heart, and it shows with his kindness and caring. He wants to be friends with everyone who crosses his path. Now that we have met this brave boy. Jordy, meet the world. We all love you too!


Jordy needed a firefly attachment for his wheelchair. The device will make his chair automatic to help when he gets tired. This is especially important when Jordy is outside with his friends or going to school. With the help of a grant through Scaife, we were able to help Jordy obtain the Wheelchair attachment that he needed!