Meet Jose!



Meet 13-year-old Jose. He was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder known as Jacobsen Syndrome. He had trouble breathing after birth and was placed in an incubator. He endured a heart surgery three weeks later.  He needs assistance to stand or walk short distances. Jose is a tough boy despite his hardships.


Jose finds ways to have a fun childhood. He is enthralled with music of all types—he searches for speakers where the music is heard. Jose cannot wait to be at school, and he always returns with a big, beautiful smile. He loves going to the park and riding the swings. Most importantly, Jose has a wonderful spirit. He is always happy, and his beaming face shows it, too. Jose gets so excited about the littlest things, and he bounces and wiggles in his chair. Above all else, this adorable boy just wants to give and receive endless amounts of hugs. If there is a cloudy day, then Jose is the ray of sunshine that makes us feel good.


Jose needs an adaptive stroller for easier and safer transportation. Please be his sponsor!