Meet Julian!


Meet three-year-old Julian! He was diagnosed with a very difficult central-nervous-system disorder known as Pelizaues- Merzbacher Disease, which causes Julian to lose certain abilities over time. He currently cannot walk or stand without his adaptive equipment, which is why he needs a therapy bike. He has many trials; yet he remains a sweet little boy.

Not only does Julian collect exciting Hot Wheels cars and build playsets, but he also regularly watches Bluey and Peppa Pig! He also loves a good Mariah Carey tune and performs a victory dance whenever his favorite Hockey team – The Boston Bruins – scores. His other interests include visiting the Tampa Riverwalk to watch all the neat-looking boats and spending time outside. This may be due to Julian’s inquisitive nature, which pushes Julian to learn all he can from his grandpa.

Currently, Julian needs a therapy bicycle to improve his leg strength and balance. Not only will the bike bring health benefits, but Julian can also have a blast riding the trike while exercising and spending time outside. At Wheelchairs 4 Kids’ annual Heroes Luncheon, Julian was presented with his new Rifton tricycle! Special thanks to his sponsor, Athletes Helping Athletes. Julian loves to be on the go and ride his new trike every chance he gets!