Meet Julian!


Meet three-year-old Julian! He was diagnosed with a very difficult central-nervous-system disorder known as Pelizaues- Merzbacher Disease, which causes Julian to lose certain abilities over time. He currently cannot walk or stand without his adaptive equipment, which is why he needs a therapy bike. He has many trials; yet he remains a sweet little boy.

Not only does Julian collect exciting Hot Wheels cars and build playsets, but he also regularly watches Bluey and Peppa Pig! He also loves a good Mariah Carey tune and performs a victory dance whenever his favorite Hockey team – The Boston Bruins – scores. His other interests include visiting the Tampa Riverwalk to watch all the neat-looking boats and spending time outside. This may be due to Julian’s inquisitive nature, which pushes Julian to learn all he can from his grandpa.

Currently, Julian needs a therapy bicycle to improve his leg strength and balance. Not only will the bike bring health benefits, but Julian can also have a blast riding the trike while exercising and spending time outside. Become his sponsor today to help him get a trike!