Meet Julieta!



Meet seven-year-old Julieta. She was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. She spent several weeks in the hospital because of a collapsed lung. Brave Julieta endured multiple procedures. She has a powerchair for most distances. She does use leg braces and a gait trainer around the house. Julieta remains joyful despite her early hardships.


Julieta has a diverse array of interests. She is a reading fanatic—it is fair to say that every book in the local library is her favorite! She loves all animals and aspires to be a veterinarian. Julieta also might be a fashionista in the making. She loves dressing in the latest styles and getting her nails done at the local salon. Clearly, Julieta is determined to get the most out of her life. She is resilient and strives to reach her fullest potential. Many of us can let a good day be ruined by something as simple as a papercut. Julieta has taken the worst and turned it into a reason to be the best.


Julieta needs a medical stroller for travel as a backup when the powerchair it too heavy to commute. Please be her sponsor!