Meet Karma!



Meet five-year-old karma. She was diagnosed with a rare neurodevelopmental illness known as PIGG disorder. She is the only current living person with this difficult condition. Sadly, she has very few capabilities and requires help with everyday tasks. Karma is also nonverbal. She is happy despite her severe limitations.

Karma manages to have fun. She watches the show, Harry the  Bunny. She plays with a pacifier holder shaped like a dinosaur. She loves sitting inside a water mat decorated with seashells. Karma can be very giggly, especially when she plays with bubbles.  Meet Karma; This sweet little girl may not be able to do much, but what she can do is important. Karma is a source of love and inspiration.

Karma needed an adaptive tricycle to improve her overall health and fitness. She can also have a wonderful time riding the trike. With the help of a Grant through Batchelor, we were able to help Karma obtain the Trike that she needed!