Meet Kassie!



Meet 18-year-old Kassie. She was diagnosed at age two with focal cortical dysplasia and epilepsy. In 2017, she came to America from Ireland to receive better health care. She can walk with assistance but needs a wheelchair for long distances. Kassie is an active girl even with her challenges.


Kassie has fun in numerous ways. She likes watching the hit show Dora the Explorer. This fits her curious nature. Kassie loves to travel; she has visited France and Spain. She enjoys taking walks in the park, too. Kassie’s favorite thing, however, is dancing. She especially gets motivated by ABBA’s hit songs, especailly “Dancing Queen.” Kassie has a special magic that draws people in her direction. Her mixture of a sweet smile and a caring demeanor makes her an adorable and loveable girl.       

She never needs to travel to meet people. They find their way towards her. She is loved. Everywhere.


Kassie received an EZ Lite power wheelchair to provide easier transportation and the ability to travel rough terrain. Special thanks to her sponsor Ronnie Bryant and Qualified Services!