Meet Katerine!

Meet six-year-old Katerine, also known as Katy. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She is completely dependent on other people for all daily living skills. Katy is also nonverbal but can say a few words. This courageous girl is happy even despite her trials.


Katy has several interests. She is a fan of movies, shows, and books that feature beautiful princesses; her favorites are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. She listens to kid’s songs and especially likes “Five Little Monkeys.” Katy’s all-time favorite pastimes, however, are painting and going to therapy. Katy finds both very soothing. Katy is a happy child who is always smiling from ear to ear. She enjoys watching people and brightening up their day with her joyful face. Meet Katy. She is defined best by her name. Katy exemplifies purity, and it is her pure heart that inspires us all.


Katy needs a manual wheelchair for better mobility. She has outgrown her old chair, which currently causes pain and postural problems. Please be her sponsor!