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Bail: $3000.00

AKA – “McSagger”

Crime: Not having enough Swagger!

Kelly Herman aka “McSagger” has been seen DANCING in public! She has NO dance moves. Kelly feels her dance “moves” are cool.  They’re a complete assault to innocent people’s eyeballs!  She must be stopped since she has NO “Moves like Swagger”.

Kelly is a mom of two wonderful girls. She lives in Trinity area of Pasco County.  Kelly spends her time helping others in the Tampa Bay Area, since giving back is truly her life’s work. Let’s free Kelly! She needs your help! Every donation will help a child in need!

Please make a donation today to help Kelly get out of jail. Ask your friends to donate too. Who knows, maybe they can become an accomplice?! Every donation will make a difference in a special child’s life!