Meet Addam!



Addam is a loving and high-spirited 5-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with autism. He has little vocal ability and low musculature strength and control, but the pint sized tornado remains active. His favorite endeavor is hurling clothes and various items on the floor! Addam might be practicing for a future in interior design!  A good scare also makes Addam’s face light-up like a flashlight in the night.  This fun force-of-nature loves being chased around the house in a game of cat and mouse.

 He certainly keeps mom busy; she stays at home and is Addam’s primary caregiver.  Addam’s physical therapists have recommended that Addam get an adaptive tricycle.  Therapy is much more effective if it is fun!  The Tricycle will help Addam gain more control and strength in his legs.  He can also use the tricycle to ride and play with his siblings and friends. The “Addam-bomb” needs to release that playful energy!