Meet Aiden!



Meet 10-year-old Aiden. This brave boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The illness causes Aiden to be cognitively challenged. His mobility is also impaired, but he is learning to walk using a gait trainer. Aiden is a remarkable boy despite his limitations.


Aiden has many interests and an astounding personality. He is a fan of the animated Disney Car movies and the hit series Sponge Bob. Aiden, however, thinks Buzz Lightyear is the greatest character ever! He has enough Buzz memorabilia to fill a toy store. He also enjoys riding bicycles during school. Aiden listens to music and he has memorized lyrics to all of Taylor Swift’s songs. Aiden, despite his cognitive challenges, has an impressive memory beyond just music. He remembers, word for word, every book he reads. Aiden even knows the accents and tones for the characters in each book. The young boy is a bit mischievous, too. Aiden gets his family to search for things in the wrong places; he slyly giggles as they go on his wild-child-goose chase. He has a great sense of humor and an endless supply of knock-knock jokes. The easiest thing to find, though, is Aiden’s big heart. He never gives up on tasks until they are complete. Sometimes, Aiden’s mom has to lift him from one place to another. During the transfer, Aiden kisses his mom and says, “You’re so shiny and beautiful!” These are traits that run in the family. In a dark and struggling world, Aiden is the bright star that gives us hope and inspiration.


Aiden needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina, and balance. He will also have a great time riding the trike at home. Please be his sponsor!