Meet Ailin!

Meet 10-year-old Ailin. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a form of muscle contractions known as dystonia. Ailin is able to stand and walk a few feet with assistance. Ailin also has difficulty speaking clearly. This little girl is in a word, amazing.


Ailin is best described as brilliant. She reads a wide variety of books two hours each day. She has a curious mind about everything and wants to know why things work. Ailin attends school. She is at the top—99 percentile—of her school and especially in math. Ailin, despite having trouble communicating, speaks English and Russian. This little girl not only has a strong mind, but an even greater heart. Ailin makes friends easily, and once that happens, they become family. Meet Ailin. This will be the best meeting of your life.


Ailin needs a stander to improve her bone density, leg strength, and also respiratory and circulatory systems. The equipment will also make schoolwork and play time easier. Please be her sponsor!