Meet Alenni!



Meet six-year-old Alenni. She was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, resulting in numerous challenges. Alenni is unable to walk. She is also nonverbal. Alenni is undeterred by her illness.

 Alenni enjoys some simple activities. She lives with her great grandma who has introduced the little girl to classic cartoons. Alenni’s favorite is Pepe Le Pew. Alenni watches movies; she especially loves Moana and Frozen. She likes listening to their soundtracks and sings and dances to the hit songs. In fact, Alenni tries to sing and dance to all of her favorite music. Alenni does these activities with her great grandma, who is also her primary care giver. Their shared experiences through trial and triumph created an unbreakable bond of friendship and family. Alenni inspires her great grandma. In turn, the dedicated grandma inspires Alenni. Family comes in many forms and has many faces. Family, however, is defined by love. Meet Alenni and understand the meaning of family.

 Alenni needs an adaptive stroller to make transportation easier, safer, and more comfortable. Please be her sponsor.