Meet Amaaya!


Meet three-year-old Amaaya. The first year of her life was rough. Every day She endured frightening seizures that seemed endless and without reason. She spent a lot of time with doctors who conducted scary exams. Amaaya was 11 months old when she was finally diagnosed with CDKL5, a rare developmental disorder. Many trials resulted from the illness. She is cognitively impaired and nonverbal. She is currently working diligently to bear weight on her legs by using a stander. The little girl has endured much chaos in her short lifetime, but she remains remarkable despite everything in her path.


Amaaya’s interests are reduced because of the limits of her illness. However, her ways of having fun are still important. She does not watch tv due to possible visual impairments but listening to musical shows like American Idol give her a big smile. She loves swinging at the park or in the arms of her loving mom. She enjoys listening to fairytales created by her mom, who is also trying to give the brave child a sense of normality by having a bedtime story routine. Amaaya’s family is hoping to sign her up for school so she can be around other kids. Amaaya has a unique life. She is described as living in her own world. It is a place of endless love and innocence. People enter her world and they are instantly enveloped by a sense of peace. In our own world filled with the mayhem of a pandemic, it is no wonder that people cannot wait to meet Amaaya.


Amaaya needs an activity chair to provide proper support and comfort while being with her family. Please be her sponsor!