Meet Amaly!


Meet one-year-old Amely. She was born a happy and healthy girl, until 40 days later when she became violently ill. Doctors discovered that she had a blood clot in her brain. Amely immediately underwent emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the procedure caused a stroke which affected the left side of her body. She currently has no independent mobility and depends on her family for all daily needs. Amely, miraculously, is a happy little girl.


Amely has simple but important interests. Amely lights up whenever mom sings to her. She enjoys playing with toys, even though she can only use her right hand. Many times, Amely just prefers being quiet and relaxed. She is a calm girl who rarely gets upset. She is also a fighter. Amely could not smile after she left the hospital. Now she does nothing but smile, especially when mom is around! This sweet girl is aptly named. Amely truly defines bravery.


Amely needs a medical car seat to provide proper postural support and security while going to doctor’s appointments and family outings. Please be her sponsor!



Amely received her car seat and is ready to go out for a ride! This car seat provides all the necessary accessories to make sure she’s safe and comfortable! See you around town Amely!