Meet Angel!



Meet 12-year-old Angel. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which has created numerous obstacles. He has cognitive challenges. He spent two long months in the hospital after a surgery that stretched his tendons. Angel is also confined to a power wheelchair and depends on his family for many tasks. He is incredibly happy despite the illness and limitations.


Angel has fun similar to many kids his age. He watches Kimpossible and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His favorite movie is Transformers. Angel also listens to Latin and Christian music—He is especially energized by upbeat rhythms. Music is his favorite topic in school, too. Angel even likes learning about history. The young boy’s interests, however, are not as important as his spirit. He puts a hundred percent into all aspects of his life, including kindness. Angel does things to show people that he loves then, even if the act is as simple as sharing his food. This brave boy is aptly named, but instead of wearing a halo he has a heavenly smile. Instead of having a pair of wings, he has a heart that soars above and beyond our expectations. Meet Angel and be inspired.


Angel needs a manual wheelchair to improve his independence while providing the necessary exercise to remain healthy. Please be his sponsor!