Meet Angel!




Meet 18-month-old Angel. He and his brother were diagnosed with epilepsy and brain malformations such as Lissencephaly. Angel is unable to sit upright or stand without support. He and his brother are both confined to manual wheelchairs.  Angel is a sweet and happy boy despite his tribulations.


Angel has very few interests but they are still important for his health and happiness. He likes playing with his drum set that makes animal sounds. He loves physical therapy where he can exercise by either rolling on a ball or playing on a specialized swing. He is always on the move at home or during therapy! Angel is incredibly determined to accomplish tasks without help. He is also highly affectionate and can never get enough hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Angel fits his name. He has a halo of happiness and the warmth of his smile is like looking at Heaven’s pearly gates.


The family needs a vehicle lift to make traveling safer and more accessible for the children. Please be their sponsor!


Angel received a brand new Harmar vehicle lift. This will help transport his wheelchair and make it so much easier for his caregivers.