Meet Anthony!

Meet 12-year-old Anthony. He was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 2. Sadly, he is dependent on family for all daily living skills. Anthony, however, remains positive despite his trials.


Anthony has many interests. He listens to upbeat urban music.  He likes educational shows about nature, history, and cooking. He attends school and his favorite subject is science. He is known as a bookworm who reads everything in sight. He simply is a voracious learner and is ahead of his peers. Anthony is also an  avid gamer. Most importantly, he has a cool personality. He is very patient and kind. He looks for the good in everybody. Anthony is eager to help anyone in need. He is a hero to many people. He inspires us all.


Anthony needs a power wheelchair to provide him with independent mobility. Please be his sponsor!



Anthony and his sister received their Power Wheelchairs together. Mom said that everyone around was full of tears of joy! Anthony was so happy and comfortable he could not stop smiling!


Keep those wheels rolling Anthony!