Meet Arlington!


Meet 12-year-old Arlington. He was nearly two years old and still not walking. Doctors were unable to establish a cause for this abnormality. He was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The illness creates numerous challenges for the brave boy. Arlington is cognitively underdeveloped and he has a difficult time speaking. He is limited to walking with a gait trainer, but screws in his foot make this painful. Thankfully, the screws will be removed in March.  He does not allow these limitations to limit his happiness.


Arlington has interests that make his day fun. Watching the show Peppa Pig gets the child so happy that he laughs and waves his hands. His favorite movie is Spiderman, the amazing web-slinging superhero. He is a soccer fan and roots for the team Real Madrid. Arlington’s dream is to be a soccer player and join his beloved team. He likes attending school and cannot wait to interact with his friends during recess. In fact, Arlington prefers outdoor activities. He always wants to go for walks with his family. Arlington is a true warrior. He is frequently in pain when putting weight on his legs, but he fights the discomfort to be independent. He is rarely without a smile or a joke. Arlington strives to get people to laugh by telling a joke, but sometimes this pint-sized comedian cannot finish the punchline because he gets a bad case of the giggles. Arlington has a relentless illness, but it is no match for his unstoppable heart.


Arlington needs a manual wheelchair to provide improved posture and comfort while also giving him more independence. Currently, Arlington is using a loaned chair from school that does not fit–he is in a lot of pain without getting the proper support.  Please be his sponsor!