Meet Brayan!



Meet 12-year-old Brayan. This child was born a seemingly healthy baby until a year and a half later when he began to show troubling symptoms. His legs were extremely swollen and this made walking and standing difficult. Doctors were unable to discern the source for the problem. Four years went by and Brayan continued struggling walking. He was finally diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He has several challenges resulting from the illness. He cannot walk due to low muscle tone and his feet turning inward.  His hands are showing similar signs and using them can also be problematic. Brayan remains a great kid despite his frustrating trials.


Brayan enjoys similar activities to other children his age. He watches the tv show Fortnite. His favorite movies involve superheroes. He likes watching a variety of popular music videos. His favorite pastime, however, is reading. Brayan is also described as a good boy. He adores his family. He is protective of his sisters and they are the best of friends. Brayan is even resourceful and will ask for help only if he cannot do something himself. Some people throw their arms up in frustration over a paper cut. Brayan, a disabled boy, opens up his arms wide to embrace life.


Brayan needs a manual wheelchair to provide him with more independence. Please be his sponsor!