Meet Brisia!


Meet seven-year-old Brisia. She was diagnosed with Holoprocencephaly, a rare and devastating condition in which the two brain hemispheres do not have normal development. The illness causes numerous challenges. She is cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal. Brisia is required to use an oxygen tank and a feeding tube. She is dependent on her family for all everyday living skills. She is also confined to a manual wheelchair. Sadly, Brisia’s condition will progressively become worse. She is a happy girl despite her dire illness.

 The sweet girl discovered ways to be distracted from her obstacles. She falls asleep to soft, romantic Latin music known as bachata. Brisia also cuddles and relaxes with her two loyal dogs; she especially loves it when they tickle her feet.   Brisia watches television, but she is legally blind and enjoys nonvisual shows like news magazines. Brisia, most of all, adores spending time with her dedicated dad. Likewise, dad cannot wait to play with is miracle of a daughter. The odds were against her since birth. She came through every challenge and even thrives like the brilliance of a rising sun.

Brisia needs van modifications to make transportation easier with her wheelchair. Please be her sponsor!