Meet Carlos!



Meet 20-year-old Carlos. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is cognitively challenged and nonverbal resulting from the illness, as well as unable to walk without assistance. However, Carlos is unhindered in many ways.


 Carlos is outgoing and fun. He loves his toy chest, he and mom play together. He loves being active. Be it, the mall, or just going through his neighborhood. He greets strangers as if they were friends and smiles warmly when they respond. His biggest passion, however, is music. He watches music videos. His favorite genres are Christian and anything that is upbeat. During school, his preferred topic is music class. Carlos even enjoys jamming on his piano. Carlos, despite having cognitive limitations, is intelligent. He listens to his mom and follows household rules, like eating before going out. Carlos also is observant. For example, He recognizes landmarks that show home is just around the corner. And for Carlos, his heart is with is family.


Carlos needs a vehicle lift to help transport his wheelchair easier and less strenuous for his mom. Please be his sponsor!    


Carlos received a vehicle lift for his family vehicle. Mom is so excited. “I can finally go out without worrying about how to take his wheelchair with us!” See you around town Carlos!