Meet Carlos!

Meet 16-year-old Carlos. He was diagnosed with a difficult illness known as Batten’s disease, which is progressive and affects the nervous system. Carlos suffered from a seizure in 2015 and afterwards began having memory loss. He forgot how to accomplish simple tasks such as putting on pants. More tragically, he could not remember his mom. Carlos lost many other abilities. He is mostly nonverbal. Carlos is also recently blind. Sadly, he can no longer walk. Carlos is a brave boy in the face of these hardships.


Carlos likes a few pastimes throughout the day. His two favorite subjects in school are crafts and Storytime. He gets excited singing a wolf song with his mom. She pretends to be  the wolf who tries to find Carlos. He wiggles with joy when the game begins with his mom leaving the room and closing the door. Carlos, most importantly, is a loving boy. He shows affection by pulling somebody close and then resting his head on their chest. This is his way of saying, “I love you.” He is an attentive listener and responds to every word by nodding his head. The dedicated mom describes Carlos best, “God has always sent angels our way. He has helped us take care of our son, it is an honor to be able to look after him.”


Carlos needs a manual wheelchair to provide him with proper support and more independent mobility. Please be his sponsor!