Meet Christopher!


Christopher H

Christopher is an intelligent and loving 18-year-old who was diagnosed with Gangliosidosis. He was able to walk and run but now uses a power wheelchair for mobility. His atypical challenges do not deter a teenage heart. Like most guys, Christopher is an all American sports fan. He particularly loves the grid-iron combat of football. He cheers loudest when the San Francisco 49ers or Florida State Seminoles cross the line that turns players into play-makers and a cool 6 lights up the scoreboard. Those same play-makers are immortalized in his football card collection.

He also takes a more active role controlling the line of scrimmage in the popular Madden video game for the Playstation Portable. Sometimes Christopher prefers golden-arches over goal-posts when hunger calls an audible for his favorite restaurant, McDonalds.

Unfortunately Christopher is on the sidelines while the wheelchair ramp is not operating in his automobile. He needs the ramp fixed to maintain doctor’s appointments. He might also like to travel to the nearest football game and root for his favorite team. I can also enjoy sports, but I’m cheering for Christopher. Go Chris, go!