Meet Cristhian!



Meet 10-year-old Cristhian, who sadly had a difficult birth. During the process he suffered from oxygen deprivation which caused Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. He is cognitively impaired and nonverbal as a result of the illness. He is also unable to stand and depends on his family for many daily tasks. Cristhian remains happy despite his tragic circumstances.


Cristhian enjoys a few simple but  fun pastimes. He watches cartoons and listens to children’s music—his favorite songs include 5 Little Monkeys and Baby Shark. He likes taking walks at the park with mom. Once dinner comes around Cristhian cannot wait for his favorite meal, spaghetti with cream sauce—his face lights up when mom cooks this delicacy. None of these activities compare to Cristhian’s best interest. He loves people. He is very social and greets anybody with an enthusiastic wave and a sweet smile. He is empathetic, too. Cristhian is sensitive towards another person’s feelings and he will do his best to transform somebody’s sadness into gladness. Meet Cristhian. This little boy can turn your  bad day into the best unforgettable moment.


Cristhian needs a therapy tricycle to promote better health and fitness, especially for his legs. He will also have a great time riding the trike outdoors. Please be his sponsor.