Meet Cristiano!



Meet eight-year-old Cristiano. This young boy began life under difficult circumstances. He was born several weeks prematurely and suffered from a loss of oxygen. He was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He has numerous tribulations resulting from the illness. He cannot walk or stand. He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He is also dependent on his family for everyday tasks. He has an inherent quality that always keeps him smiling and active despite these limitations.


Cristiano has a variety of interests. He enjoys watching shows like Mickey’s Club House and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He can relate to the sounds made by the minions and because of this he adores the Despicable me movies. Cristiano listens to reggaeton music, but his favorite song is Despacito by Daddy Yankee. This young  boy enjoys more than playing.  Cristiano wakes up in the morning eager to go to school where he learns about  letters, colors, and sounds. Cristiano gets exercise during P.E. by riding a specialized tricycle. His favorite activity, however, is anything that gets him out of the house, including taking walks with his family. Cristiano has more interests, but the child’s heart is his best quality. He is known to be a joyful warrior. He pushes through all of his obstacles with a conquering smile. This makes him a miracle and our hero.


Cristiano needed a vehicle modification for easier and safer transportation. Thankfully, the Heaven’s opened up for this little angel and generous donors came through to improve the life of Cristiano and his family. His mom cried upon hearing the news. They are eternally grateful for the kindness!