Meet Damiano!



Meet five-year-old Damiano. This brave boy had a life-changing event that he is still overcoming. Damiano and his family were on their way for McDonald’s for a fun outing. Before getting the famous Happy Meal, an unhappy tragedy occurred with a devastating car accident. Damiano, his little brother, and mom were airlifted to different hospitals. The grandmother rushed to the hospital to see Damiano because he was not expected to survive. He was on life support for over a month and suffered from a fractured skull and spine. He endured multiple intensive surgeries. Currently, Damiano uses a stander for mobility and a treadmill for exercise. He is continuing to recover, but this young boy has been a miraculous example.


Damiano remains cheerful and has many fun interests. He is a huge fan for all things Iron Man and Batman. He reads religious children’s stories. Damiano  is also excited to begin kindergarten soon. He was in the hospital during his pre-k graduation. He even had a tiny cap and gown for the big day! Starting school again will be important to Damiano. The best part of Damiano, however, is his strength. He is a fighter in every sense, exemplified by a big, beautiful smile that never fades. He also has a heart of gold. He gets drinks from the fridge for his little brother and is willing to help with other tasks, too.    Damiano has a favorite movie, and his life fits the title, “We Could Be Heroes.” Damiano, however, is OUR hero. Just ask his grandmother who said, “Damiano brought back our faith.”


Damiano needs a hand bicycle that will improve his upper and lower body strength while also promoting better flexibility in his legs. These will make walking and standing easier with enough exercise.  Damiano used to be active before the tragedy and loved going to water parks and trampoline parks. The specialized bike will hopefully make it possible to revisit those fun places. Meanwhile, he can have a great time riding on the bike as another way to be social with his friends. Please be his sponsor!