Devon’s Story


Devon pic


Meet 14 year-old Devon, who bravely endures Lennox Gastrome and Seizure Disorder. His life is immensely challenging. He is non-verbal and has little mobility independence. Remarkably, Devon’s family describes him as lovable and always joyful.

Devon keeps his strong spirit through fun distractions from everyday trials. He loves taking baths and sitting in the warm water is very soothing. He enjoys outdoor activities, too. His favorite is feeling a cool breeze in a soaring swing. During meal-time, Devon is eager to devour a sugary treat. He can only eat pureed food, but this never stops his sweet-tooth! Nothing, however, is as sweet as Devon.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is providing Devon with a supine stander. The apparatus will decrease contractions in his knees while promoting better leg strength. Please be a sponsor to keep Devon smiling!