Meet Edwin!


Meet 15-year-old Edwin. This young man was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive illness that weakens muscles throughout the body. Edwin, as a result of the condition, is confined to a motorized wheelchair. He is undaunted despite this limitation.

Edwin has several cool interests. He listens to a wide variety of music. He is a basketball fan and his favorite team is the L.A. Lakers. Edwin, similar to other guys his age, loves video games, especially when they involve getting behind the steering wheel of a fast car! He is also a dedicated student at school, but the best part of his day is P.E. class. Most importantly, Edwin is described as loving, humble, and respectful. In short, he is a rare, perfect teenager! Meet Edwin and be inspired by his unyielding strength of heart.

 Edwin needs a new ramp for his mobile home. His dad and brother made a wooden ramp, but it is  now old and breaking under the weight of the heavy motorized wheelchair. The new equipment will make leaving and entering the home safe and easy for Edwin. Please be his sponsor!