Meet Eitan!



Meet five-year-old Eitan. He was diagnosed with a rare disorder known as Lissencephaly. This illness causes a malformation of the brain which creates numerous challenges. Eitan is cognitively equivalent to a toddler and nonverbal. He cannot sit upright or walk. The brave boy is happy despite these and other tribulations.


Eitan manages to have a fun childhood. He listens to music that inspires him to dance by wiggling his body. He is very attentive when mom reads to him imaginative children’s books. Most of all, Eitan enjoys playing with his brothers. They are devoted friends and love their time together. Eitan is also a wonderful kid. He is described as really smart. He prefers to figure out how to accomplish tasks and do it himself. He inspires anybody who crosses his obstacle path and still sees his smiling face.


Eitan needs a manual wheelchair to provide postural support and better independence. Please be his sponsor!