Meet Elena!



Meet seven-year-old Elena. She was diagnosed with a rare and difficult neurodegenerative illness known as Pantothenate kinase. Numerous challenges result from the condition. Elena is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. She also has severe muscle weakness and cannot walk without falling which can result in serious injury. Elena is a happy child despite her progressive condition.


Elena has a couple  interests that are simple but still important for a fun childhood. She enjoys watching cartoons until something better grabs her attention. This usually means toys! Elena has a wide variety of toys that occupy most of her time. She isn’t able to do much else because of her illness, but this only makes her more remarkable. Elena is known as a joyful girl who is always smiling. The little sweetie is aptly named. In many cultures the name Elena means shining light or bright one. She certainly is an inspiring child who lights up our lives!


Elena needs a manual wheelchair for safer and easier mobility. Please be her sponsor!