Meet Elisa!



Meet three-year-old Elisa. She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, an exceedingly difficult illness that results in the degeneration of spinal cord motor neurons and the continual weakness of muscles. Elisa is currently unable to walk or crawl. She is, however, strong of heart and happy with life.


Elisa enjoys a number of activities. She watches live-action shows on YouTube—she is not interested in cartoons’ Elisa’s favorite movie is home alone. She listens to children’s music or anything that has a good rhythm. She can spend hours using her imagination through Play Doh, coloring, or magnetic blocks. During nice days outdoors, Elisa prefers to observe birds singing in the trees and flying through the air. Elisa is more than just the sum of her interests. She also has a wonderful personality. She is intelligent and understands her condition. This realization compels her to make goals and fight every step to accomplish them. Her goals can be as simple as making people laugh. Or as impressive as living  without fear. Either way, Elisa accomplishes something important. Elisa defeats her illness by standing tall, even though she cannot stand at all.       


Elisa needs a manual wheelchair to provide her with important independence. Please be her sponsor!



Elisa received her beautiful pink wheelchair and she loves it! Her smile is radiant as she rolls past. The independence she has gained being able to self-propel has been amazing! Way to go Elisa!