Meet Elizabeth!




Meet six-year-old Elizabeth. She was born over a month prematurely and was not meeting typical milestones as a baby. She was not walking or using her hands as much as other children her age. She was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy with right-sided hemiplegia. Elizabeth is sadly cognitively challenged due to the illness. She has issues with balance, coordination, and muscle weakness that make walking difficult. Elizabeth is an awesome little girl despite having a debilitating condition.


Elizabeth has a wide array of interests. Her favorite shows are Miraculous Ladybug and Team Umi Zoomi. She is a huge fan of Moana and the film’s strong female character. Elizabeth also loves Storytime when her mom reads aloud Disney books. Her hobby is painting and engaging in any creative endeavor that stimulates the imagination. Elizabeth can produce wonderful pictures, but she is the most beautiful creation of them all.  She is very generous and shares everything with her family. She will notice when somebody is sad and find them a napkin to cry in while also giving words of encouragement. The little girl has an illness that causes muscle weakness, but this is not entirely true. She has one muscle that is stronger than ever. Her heart.


Elizabeth needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, balance, and coordination. These enhancements will help her ability to walk. She can even have fun on the trike. Please be her sponsor!