Meet Emma!



Meet 14-year-old Emma. She was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including a connective tissue disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She also has a heart condition called POTS. Both illnesses make walking and standing for Emma very difficult. She uses a wheelchair most of the time. Emma is a strong girl despite her struggles.


Emma enjoys various pastimes. She likes watching the show, Over the Garden Wall. Her favorite movie is The iconic Nightmare Before Christmas. She listens to music by The Wildwoods and Taylor Swift. She loves reading Percy Jackson books. Emma is very crafty, and she creates so many Percy Jackson props that her mom says the house looks like a tornado of creativity went off!  Emma is even writing and illustrating her own mystery and thriller book. Emma, most of all, is a kind girl. She is sweet to everybody, including animals. She describes herself as being harmonious with nature. Emma is brave and inspiring, naturally.


Emma needs a vehicle lift to use with her wheelchair and make transportation more accessible. Please be her sponsor!