Meet Emma!



Meet four-year-old Emma. This little girl was diagnosed with a tumor that compressed her spine so severely that within a few days she became paralyzed from the chest down. She has endured more radiation and chemotherapy than most adults. Emma nearly died several times due to her condition. She continues to fight her challenges and be a happy girl.


Emma remains a fun-loving child. She is a fan for all things Frozen. Her favorite tv show is  based on the hit film, titled Elsa and Anna; Emma tries to impersonate the movements of Elsa, too. Emma listens to a wide variety of music, but her favorite song is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. She is also homeschooled and her favorite subjects are arts and crafts. During outings, Emma cannot wait to go shopping; she can even find the toy section in every store. Emma does this and more with her family. She is described by her family as strong. Emma has survived the bleakest of odds, but her strength surpasses all expectations. And Emma smiles with each roll of the dice, knowing she can make the odds in her favor.


Emma needs modifications throughout her house to provide more  mobility and independence. Please be her sponsor!